About Us

Malka Foods is a subsidiary brand of Vital Group that provides high quality products to its consumers around the world. It is a culinary kitchen brand that truly understands the sub-continental culture and traditional taste. The uniqueness of our products lies in our core belief that food has to be safe and healthy.
Malka is the first brand in Pakistan that has 100% natural Himalayan Pink Salt added in recipe mixes. We care for our customers and know the hazards of white salt that has added chemicals and is bleached. Malka has also not added MSG (Mono-sodium Glutamate) to our products and making them Gluten free. Our mission is to offer high quality products that delight the taste buds of the consumers around the world.
We offer a range of traditional food products prepared under the supervision of renowned chefs, famous recipe makers, food technologists and dedicated R&D staff. The product range includes Plain Spices, Recipe Mixes, Rice, Pink Salt, Ginger Garlic Paste, Fried Onion and Vermicelli and are compliant of global food regulations including FDA, SFDA, Halal Certified, PSQCA, AQIS and ISO.
We strongly support communities in creating job opportunities, building young entrepreneurs, creating innovative products and support humanity to rise up.

Chairman’s Message


Vital Group had a very humble beginning as a small tea company, that began its operations in 1991. Our value-oriented approach towards business has been very well received by the communities who we serve. Thus, within a short period, we have become one of the largest tea company in the country. We are one of the national companies that also exports tea to lands other than Pakistan! I am also proudly announcing our recently acquired “Malka Foods” , which is a new diverse unit for the group. This new entity will give us a boost in the recipe & spices section In addition, Vital Group has innovatively launched “Pink Salt” in Pakistan and 40 other destinations around the world. As a Chairman of VG, I am both very happy and humbled by the progress that VG has made over the years. I, truly and sincerely, believe that our success is but a story of how passion and people can derive a small business to greater heights. I Thank Allah Almighty for converting our efforts into outcomes!

Director Message


Vital Group, a key player in Pakistan's business landscape, stands out with a management philosophy centered on people and quality for a distinct competitive advantage.

Our commitment to excellence permeates every aspect, from sourcing premium ingredients to pioneering manufacturing practices.

With the recent addition of Malka Foods, we're eager to explore opportunities in the recipe and spices market, aiming to provide added convenience to kitchens and cuisines.

Our unwavering commitment to service excellence remains our greatest asset!

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